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"The view is a million dollars. Also the best sleep in the trip."
- Janice Corke, Brantford, Ontario
Photo of Elaine's B&B by the Sea Deck
B&B Oceanside Garden Deck
(Click photo for larger view)
"Last day of 14 but the best B&B of all."
- Fred Attrens, Henry Papit, New Jersey
"We shall never forget your hospitality, especially the party on the beach and your 'moon' dessert!!"
- Joan & Don Bell, Agincourt, Ontario
"The very most in beauty, friendliness, food and everything nice."
- Stan & Jean Comfort, Port Colborne, Ontario
"I wanted to get in the water until I saw two icebergs! It’s a wonderful bay to live beside."
- Edna Mae Maxwell, Zanesville, Ohio
"The highlight of our journey - a true thrill to meet the wonderful Dinn kinfolk! Thank you for everything."
- Janice & Lawrie Butler, Pocasset, Massachusetts
"Cats, kids, whales, Cody, bacon and eggs, Elaine & Danny - so many good things all at once!"
- Hoyra & Gaston Fischer, Peseux, Switzerland
"Wish we could stay a week. This was the best company, best view the whole trip. Thank you."
- Fran & Ian MacFarlane, Kitchener, Ontario
"Oh, to be able to say at breakfast - ‘There’s a whale!’ Wonderful spot and we love NFLD."
- Chris & Dave MacKinnon, London, England
"What can we’s like staying at a friend’s beach house in Australia! Thanks."
- David & Sue Gardiner, Brisbane, Australia
"Puffins, icebergs, kittens and a swing at sunset. There is no more one could want. Thanks for the warm welcome."
- Helen & Henry Kowalski, Pickering, Ontario
"I just can’t imagine seeing this view all day and every day - how wonderful!"
- Clyde & Joy Shoop, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
"Great family...One of the most accommodating in the World. Made me feel like family. I hope I’m in the will."
- Victor Baker, Camden, Maine
"The view alone is worth the full price! Not to mention the warm friendliness."
- Nancy Jacobi, Peter Jones, Toronto, Ontario
"5-star hotel!"
- Adela & Jane Jeschke, Texas
"The best place we stayed in NF - highlight of the trip."
- Vicki May, Jeff Boyd
"A great visit with a lovely family! Skinnamarink!"
- Ruth & Bram Morrison, Toronto, Ontario
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